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Wild wolf in snowstorm next to my car


Wild wolf in snowstorm next to my car

12 Responses to Wild wolf in snowstorm next to my car

iamireland says:

I don’t see why a wild wolf would just be strolling this near a road, etc.

OpenMarshmellow says:

Looks like Winter is already here…

Idontsubmitmanyimagesilurkalot says:

Wait, there are non-wild wolves?

rile says:

You live in the Kingdom of the North? North of The Wall? Have you seen John Snow?

PlatoThePotato says:

Dude, where’s your car?

iusuallymakemynamebasedonwhatisee says:

I hated that movie, but the gif was still awesome.

CaptainButtbeard says:

This caption is so full of bullshit it could be a politician.

MyBrand says:

You let that wolf in right now!

valkyriejae says:

Canus lupus! Vulpus vulpus!

LeaderOFtheVAGABONDarmy says:

Plot twist: victory march after eating Liam Neeson

EatSleepPoopRepeat says:

Nobody said “majestic” yet?! MAJESTIC…..

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