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Top 15 thoughts people have while shopping at Walmart


#ThoughtsAtWalmart "China without you none of this would be possible"

— ChadRitter (@ThatChadRitter) April 26, 2012

#ThoughtsAtWalmart: 120 employees, 30 cash registers and only 3 are open?

— Rodney Pickett II (@RodneySuccess) April 26, 2012

#ThoughtsAtWalmart "Why am I not at Target?" 🎯🐶❤

— Grown Up, But… Not (@grownupbutnot) April 26, 2012

#ThoughtsAtWalmart just get in and get out….just get in and get out….just get in and get out….

— WikiPETEdia (@NO_PeteHere) April 26, 2012

#ThoughtsAtWalmart what am I going to eat for free as I walk around.

— Greenthumb663 (@StillInhalinTHC) April 26, 2012!/BellaDoll94/status/195516865014013953

"Well this is a self-esteem boost." #ThoughtsAtWalmart

— Girl's Got Issues (@girlsgotissues) April 26, 2012!/THENAMEISCHARLY/status/195547579575042049

What trailer park did you crawl out of? #ThoughtsAtWalmart

— Swag Ali (@SwagAli) April 26, 2012

#ThoughtsAtWalmart I hope I don't look like I'm stealing since I've walked around twelve times and can't find what I need. 😒

— iSell Cars (@iamBigDealBILLY) April 26, 2012

#ThoughtsAtWalmart is that a guy or girl?

— Cody Sizemore (@Cody_Sizemore) April 26, 2012

#ThoughtsAtWalmart All I need is shampoo *1 hour later* *Bought everything at store except shampoo*

— blakeley prince (@SavedByJesus7) April 26, 2012

#ThoughtsAtWalmart how do I always end up here?

— Faith Wenger✖️ (@FaithWenger) April 26, 2012

"I'm so glad I stayed in school." #ThoughtsAtWalmart

— American Humor (@AmericanHumor) April 26, 2012

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