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The Ridiculous Things We All Do To Make Rent When We’re Broke


To most Millennials, the word “budgeting” is as scary as the Zika virus.

It’s a scary time for all of us. It’s the end of the month, and we don’t know where our paychecks went.

There are only so many times we all can call our parents crying for food money until they realize we really ate and drank and Uber’dall our money away.

Most of us have picked up odd jobs to make rent — whether they are dog-walking jobs, serving jobs or dressing up as giant hot dogs, promoting breeding grounds for diabetes.

If you somehow manage to adult successfully, you can at least relate to having a broke friend. That broke friend will always remind you how broke he or sheis.

I’ve never understood why the broke friend talks about how he or she is broke at the bar. That’s like saying before a scuba dive you can’t swim. Don’t expect us to save you! You did this to yourself!

Next time your broke friend tries to do this, try playing a game where you don’t pull out your wallet when the drinks come. Observe how your broke friend will creatively dodge the check.

You’ll notice he or she will let anything be a distraction. Someone may sneeze across the bar, and your broke friend will be there, ready to give the Heimlich maneuver. If only we all were as motivated to save our last few dollars as we were with our starting paychecks.

“Generation whY” is back for its sixth season to remind you this is one of the only forms of entertainment left that’s free. But, tips are encouraged; we are all broke.

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