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The Newest Taxi In Russia Is A Badass Soviet Armored Car (Video)


        The owner of a reconnaissance vehicle from the former Soviet Union has been granted a permit to use the armored car as a taxi.

St. Petersburg officials made the allowance under the condition that the vehicle’s camouflage was painted red, the same shade of the city’s fire trucks.

It costs a little less than the equivalent of $100 for a ride, but RT expects tourists to pay for the experience, as the interior of the car has not been altered from its original Soviet design.

Manufactured from 1963 to 1989, the BRDM-2 Combat Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle doesn’t have the armor to survive modern warfare, but can drive through any type of land.

Its two machine guns have been deactivated and because of its weight, the vehicle cannot drive through certain areas of the historic Russian city.