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The Heartbreaking And Tragic Story Of Keanu Reeves, An Inspiring Man


Keanu Reeves shot to fame way back in the 1990s with titles such as Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures, Speed, and of course The Matrix Trilogy which shook the world and gave it the sci-fi kick it needed.

After that, however, he seemed to float into the background of Hollywood stardom and some even called him a joke. Theyll be eating their words now though since hes enjoying an illustrious renaissance with films like Ronin 42 and John Wick.

How did he get there, though? Youd assume that he was just a normal person with a fairly ordinary life who seemed to be better at acting than the non-actors. Sadly it wasnt that straight forward for Mr Reeves.

At the age of three, he and his family were abandoned by his father. Although they stayed in contact for a couple of years, it did not last and Keanu grew up with a single mother as they persistently moved from city to city as he struggled with dyslexia and eventually left high-school with no diploma.

When his best friend and co-star of My Own Private Idaho, River Phoenix, had a fatal drug overdose at the young age of 23, Reeves stayed strong despite the crushing emotional pain he would have inevitably felt.

In 1999, when Jennifer Syme was pregnant with Keanu Reeves child, (the two were very much in love at this point) tragedy struck once more as 8 months into her pregnancy, their daughter was still-born. The grief was so overwhelming that the two split up and, sadly, Syme died 18 months later in a car accident.

Bravely, Reeves carried on and went on to be in one of the most successful films of all time and preceded to try and be as charitable as possible. Of his $114 million salary for The Matrix trilogy, he gave away a reported $80 million to his special effects and make-up staff.

So thats pretty selfless.

Hes also constantly spotted giving his seat up on public transport, like all true gents do.

Since his sister was diagnosed with Leukaemia he has been a private and public donator to many cancer charities. He has since started his own charity under a separate name.

One day in 1997 Keanu Reeves decided to do what many celebrities do and help out the poor. However, instead of flying to the other side of the world on camera or waiting until he was sponsored by a charity, he sat down and chatted with a homeless man in Hollywood. He shared and talked and was being a generally nice guy as equals are. Hats off to you, Keanu.

Also hes immortal (and wise).

Money is the last thing I think about. Icould live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.

Impressive Keanu. Very impressive.

Are we alone in thinking he’s one of the most under-appreciated men in Hollywood? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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