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Target semi-truck slides off highway and sinks through ice into a pond


A crazy and scary story from last Friday…

On Interstate 94, northwest of Minneapolis, a semi lost control, careened across the highway and onto a pond, where it slid about a hundred yards before breaking through about 6 inches of ice and sinking. The driver crawled out his window onto the ice and was fine. No other cars were involved.

(Photos from The Huffington Post, Minneapolis & St. Paul Business Journal, Yahoo News)

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8 Responses to Target semi-truck slides off highway and sinks through ice into a pond

Holly says:

Yeah Dart has the Target contract so they pull Targets trailers with Targets product.. I am glad to see that he took the option of the lake rather than take out a car or someone as I am sure there is more to the story with all them cops standing out there like that..

K Fel says:

I bet someone pooped his britches.

Jen says:

If this had happened in Logan Utah, bystanders would’ve lifted the truck up out of the water to rescue him. **nodding***

Carr says:

A Dart truck pulling a Target. I like that.

Sal says:

He should probably not interview for that Ice Truckers TV Show…

AStev says:

Crazy that the police are standing out there right at the edge of the broken ice.

larry says:

Now…ya know with something like this to look at…every trooper for miles around gonna stop by to take a look..

John says:

Crazy that the lake is freakin’ frozen over, and the driver’s got his sleeves rolled up. This Southerner’s shaking his head at the hardiness of Minnesotans.