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Stevie Wonder Calls James Corden’s Wife, And The Outcome Has The Host In Tears


The host of The Late Late Show is U.K. star James Corden.

He had his work cut out for him taking on the popular slot while satisfying the hungry and sometimes tough late night comedy crowd. Hes got some cred though as this guy is a Tony Award winner Broadway performer. He was smart to use some of that theater skill and apply to late night. Maybe its more street theater, but his Carpool Karaoke segments look to be a valuable bit for his show.

The angle on this segment is pretty unique as he carpools to work with a different famous singer each time.

In this Carpool Karaoke he rides along with none other than the legendary Stevie Wonder! The two really worked well together, and the segment has been a huge hit, garnering 7 million online views and growing!

Stevie Wonder is made to look to be driving the car while at the same time mocking Cordens british accent, which really ticks off Corden. Great comedy, but once the karaoke portion kicks in, its real magic!

They end up prank calling Cordens wife who didnt believe her husband would actually be hanging out in a car with Stevie Wonder. They call her and Stevie starts singing, “I just called, to say, James loves you.” At this point Corden is laughing so hard that he ends up realizing how he just scored some major points with the wife. How many wives can say theyve been personally sung to by the one and only Stevie Wonder?

With a segment like this one, this host proved he deserves being in the captains chair for American late night T.V. Total success!