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Speeding Semi-Automatic Truck Flies Over F1 Car In Insane Stunt (Video)


        Usually, driving stunts are executed with small compact cars — likely because their limited size and relatively light weight make for greater precision with tricky maneuvers.

However, that’s not to say larger vehicles can’t be used in stunts, as you’ll see in the above joint-effort stunt video by EMC and the Lotus F1 Team.

The intense video showcases a semi-truck performing a jump over a Formula 1 racer, measuring a record-breaking aerial distance of 83 feet and 7 inches.

The truck, driven by professional stunt driver Mike Ryan, can be seen speeding down a track and launching into the air off a ramp, while driver Martin Ivanov weaves beneath the truck in the F1 car.

According to Car and Driver, both men have worked as stunt drivers in “The Fast and The Furious” movies, as well as in action sequences in both the “James Bond” and “Bourne” series.

It’s kind of hard to imagine that a truck this size could manage to stay airborne long enough to jump over a car, but, as they say, seeing is believing.

Watch the nerve-wracking stunt up top.