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Single Mom Pulls Off Epic Fake Mustache So Son Won’t Miss Donuts With Dad” Event


This superwoman of a single mama was NOT about to let her son feel excluded!

Just how far would you go to make sure your child doesn’t feel excluded at school?

Well for one Fort Worth, Texas, mama, she was willing to go to the sort of great lengths that just WON over the Internet in momtastic mustache style.

Yevette Vasquez was dropping off her son Elijah at school last week when she noticed there were more cars in the parking lot than usual.

“What’s going on? Is there some event that I’m supposed to be here for?” she asked Elijah.

“No, don’t worry. It’s just ‘Donuts with Dad,’” Elijah replied.

“I told him, ‘How come you didn’t tell me?’ and joked I could’ve dressed up as a man for him,” Yevette told ABC.

However, when she noticed that Elijah instantly perked up at the thought of it, Yevette decided to follow through with the dad dress-up shenanigans.

The challenge: She had 10 minutes until the bell rang.

So, in less than 10 minutes flat, she floored it back home, threw on a blue plaid shirt, a baseball cap and, best of all, a fake mustache to complete the look. She surely wasn’t going to let being a single parent get in the way of her son’s school event.

Of course, the duo had to catch a couple of selfies just before making their epic entrance to ‘Donuts With Dad.’


Needless to say, the hilarious get-up was a total hit at school. Yevette’s grand gesture brought smiles galore, but none were wider or brighter than Elijah’s.


Afterward, Yevette posted some of the pictures to Facebook along with a status that read, “Good morning, today at my son Elijah’s skewl as I was dropping him off i ask him why there was so many cars… He said Donuts 🍩 with Dad, so we quickly went back home cause I wasn’t about to let him miss out….. I know seeing other dads with there kids isn’t easy for mine but its life, at least I can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face, so here it goes….. and please don’t hate I know I’m a woman and so do my sons lol #ilovehim#wegettingthemdonuts #noexcuses


She intended the act to be “something silly and fun to make Elijah“smile and laugh,” but it turned out to be so much more than that, as single parents across the country are applauding her.

Her photos quickly wentviral, amassing over 16,000 shares.


Yevettetold ABC that she wants other children of single parents “to know that they are whole, complete and limitless even without the other parent there.”

Well, I’m pretty sure there’s officially no contest for the single mom of the year award for 2016. Now, everyone’s just waiting to see how she shows up for Elijah’s “Muffins With Mom” event.

Surely she will not disappoint!


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