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She went missing from making a friend online. The truth of her disappearance is everyone’s worst nightmare!


It was 2002 when a 13-year-old girl named Alicia made a very wrong decision that completely changed her life.

Alicias brother had introduced the young girl to the world of online gaming about 9 months prior. Beyond the gaming aspect, Alicia found that this was a fun way to chat with various kids from her school.

Through some friends of some friends, she ended up meeting a boy her age who had similar interests. He became that online friend whom she could ask for advice, talk with and even air out her problems and complaints.

On New Years Day, 2002, Alicia is with her family, at home where her parents, brother and brothers girlfriend, as well as grandma were celebrating with a big dinner. Unfortunately, this day would be the last happy memory of childhood Alicia would ever have.

Alicia went to lie down somewhere between dinner and dessert. She said she wasnt feeling too well. But, Alicia took a detour and ended up not going up to her bedroom, but out the door and down the street to finally meet the boy she had been chatting with online.

Now, this was not something Alicia was known to do. Sneaking out is not her thing, and she quickly had second thoughts when she started walking down the road. Thoughts of “What are you doing? This is dangerous and you should go home,” fluttered through her head. But just as she began to turn around and go back, her name was called. It was the boy.

But the boy, was not a boy. He was a man. Alicia found herself in the car, with the man, completely scared.

The events that followed are highly disturbing.

It would be a 5 hour cross country trek from Pennsylvania to Virginia. Upon arrival, she was taken to the mans downstairs dungeon where she was stripped down and chained up with a locking dog collar on the floor.

The man stated the following to Alicia: “This is going to be really hard for you. It’s OK, cry.”

He then proceeded to rape, beat and torture Alicia.

It would be 4 days of this same hell to follow. Meanwhile he was video capturing the events and broadcasting them online.

Apparently his fans were fellow child porn enthusiasts, thus he had no fear of getting busted. Yet, it was one viewer who recognized Alicia from a missing person poster. He phoned the police, while providing the FBI with the IP address and screen name of the individual abusing and abducting Alicia.

Alicia was 14-years-old when she came out and shared her story. She has since been very vocal about the abusive hell she went through at the hands of rapist Scott Tyree. She has gone to schools, giving presentations regarding the horrific dangers that can happen over the internet and how internet grooming is a common thing that can easily lead to the kind of hell that Alicia went through.

It is now 14 years later and Alicia continues to advocate for missing persons and improved internet security and safety for kids. There is Alicias Law that has since been created as well as the Alicia Project which she is president of and which raises child abduction awareness issues.

Naturally it must have been an extremely difficult thing to move forward and be able to trust anyone again. But Alicia has fought through the pain, and now she is set to become married soon to a person she calls her best friend.

Alicia has received a Bachelors in Psychology and is set to receive her Masters in Forensic Psychology the day before she walks down the aisle!

It was certainly a terrible childhood that no one should ever have to go through. Alicia suffered greatly, yet has turned to the positive to create as much change as possible so others wont suffer as she has. You can support her by joining ALICIA’S PROJECT on Facebook.

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