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Scary Road Rage Chase on I-80 (Video)


Scary Road Rage Chase on I-80 (Video)

A woman was filmed terrorizing two girls, Delanie Strykul and Vanessa Gladieux, on Interstate 80 in California, Saturday. The 50-year-old Deirdre Orozco was arrested and charged with reckless driving, resisting arrest, and assault with a deadly weapon. The incident started with Orozco allegedly tailgating the girls and cutting off their vehicle twice. She then proceeded to drive alongside their car at which point Strykul flipped her off. That’s when things got really crazy. Orozco pulled in front the girls, got out of her car and knocked on their window, claiming to be a police officer. They sped off, trying to get away. This is where the video of the chase starts…



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