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Parents Freak The F*ck Out When Their Son Skypes Them While Skydiving (Video)


Its essentially every child’sjob to do dumb things that ensure his or her parents consistently suffer small heart attacks.

Watching from afar as the little personyou’re responsible for makes a series of dumb life decisions is essential to the child’sdevelopment, but its also the most terrifying thing about havingkids.

If all goes according to plan, you usually have your life somewhat in order by the time a child is placed in your care.

Obviously, sometimes that doesnt work out, but even those times involve a lot of quick growing up on yourpart in order to make sure youroffspring survives.

This means parentsknow not to run with knives or try Tokyo Drifting in cars.

Kidsdon’t know that, though, and to be very honest, they are super amused when you call themout fordoing those moronic things.

In Roger Ryans case, one of thosemoronic things involves jumping out of a plane and watching his parents reactions.

It involves Roger’s dad yelling,

I thought he was in a bus!

That moronic thing isnow my favorite thing of all time.