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25 Ridiculous State Laws

Have you ever juggled? If you have, chances are you don’t live in Hood River, Oregon, where juggling without a license is illegal. Yep, that’s right. Illegal. It turns out the United States is home to some outrageous laws. From Alabama to Wyoming, every state has at least one law that will make you shake […]


10 Cuddly Apes Who Committed Vicious Crimes

The Hominidae, or great apes, consist of seven members—two species each of gorillas, orangutans, and chimpanzees, along with human beings. Like humans, the apes seem to have the ability to communicate through language, to use tools, and to form societal groups. But the apes also share our vices, from violent streaks to sexual obsessions. Below […]


10 Fascinating Facts About Russia

As the world’s largest country, Russia encompasses nine timezones and contains within its borders dozens of ethnic groups. For about seventy years, it existed as the Soviet Union—a communist superpower considered by much of the world to be an “evil empire”. The Cold War tension between the Soviets and the United States very nearly led […]