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Meet The Tattooed Hero Who Stood Up For A Stranger Who Was Bullied For Being Gay


  Jordan thought bears were breaking into his car to get his French fries &mdash; but the truth was much, much worse. Maybe you've already seen&nbsp;<a href="">this story's happy ending</a>, but things get even<i> more </i>incredible<i> </i>when a certain daytime talk-show host steps in.</p>

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At 0:20, wouldn’t you have been terrified?
At 0:52, hear how hard Jordan worked to get where he is.
At 1:41, the stranger puts his secret plan into action.
At 3:38, Ellen DeGeneres sees an important tattoo.
At 3:55, here’s that old bear-looking-for-fries story.
At 4:30, you won’t believe how long Jordan put up with the vandalism.
At 6:00, Ellen’s got a little surprise. Try not to cry!

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