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Man Missing For Nearly A Decade Visible On Google Maps


On top of the endless amount of things Google has done and is doing for humanity, we can now add locating missing persons to that list.

After nearly a decade since 72-year-old David Lee Niles went missing, his body was located at the bottom of a pond inside a trapped car thanks to a Google Maps overview.

Niles had been missing since October 11, 2006 after meeting up with a friend at Jake’s Bar in the Byron Township of Michigan. Ever since leaving the bar that night, no one knew what had happened to him. There was no trace.

Brian Houseman is credited with discovering the body after noticing the top of the car below the water. After calling 911 the car was pulled from the pond and the skeleton of the missing man was found.

In an unbelievable turn of events the car had actually been visible on Google’s Overhead Satellite view for years! Sadly, the family had been searching for five years before finally calling it quits and attempted to move on; so hopefully this will allow them the closure they need to truly continue forward.