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Leonardo DiCaprio (Apparently) Has Some Pretty Bad Bedroom Habits


For many, Leonardo DiCaprio is the perfect man. He’s talented, seems like a nice guy and somehow pulls off both having a man-bun and vaping. That in itself is worth applause.

But what if it’s all a facade. What if, despite his charming demeanour, he’s actually about as good in bed as a beached cod? That would certainly make me feel better – at the moment I’m like a beached mackerel which is famously the most virile of all the sea life…

Well it seems like that may not be some kind of wild pipe (vape pen) dream. Sources have come out to say that he genuinely is an awful sex…er. He’s a bad sexer.

Previously there was the story of his ex-lover,Bobbie Brown, who said that he only lasted a minute and was selfish in bed but now we’ve got a whole new lead…

Star Magazine said this about an exclusive of theirs…

Leonardo DiCaprio is selfish, lazy and downright rude, says a source whose BFF bedded the 41-year-old Oscar winner. She told me that during the act, Leo put on headphones and even started vaping! Then hesignalledher to keep going while he justlaid back and zoned out.

The woman was so confused by the situation that she just carried on, embarrassed and hoping for things to change. But Leo continues to lie there, listening to MGMT, while his date was left wondering what was in this for her.

Leo knows women aremesmerisedby his stardom, so he obviously doesnt care at all whether theyre satisfied ornot, says another insider. He can sleep with almost any woman he wants without even trying, so its no surprise he doesnt try in bed either.

She’s certainly not getting that Electric Feel. With an attitude in bed like that, he won’t be having any Kids. Don’t want to believe it? Maybe it’s Time To Pretend… they’re the only MGMT songs I know.

I mean, I like Leo so I don’t really want this to be true and, also, you can see someone’s motivation towards outing the world’s acting sweetheart as a selfish lover. Money money money!

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