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Idiots Get Destroyed By Racing Barbie Jeeps Off-Road And Downhill (Video)


        The world of extreme sports is vast and varied, but all possess similar defining characteristics that make them, in some way, “extreme.”

BustedKnuckleVideo’s latest venture in the world of extreme sports, however, is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The daredevil group set off on a racing competition on Alabama’s Morris Mountain, using Barbie Jeeps as its mode of transportation. The video up top shows the final races in the series.

If you’re familiar with the Barbie Jeep, you know that the faux vehicles are a) child sized and b) constructed out of flimsy plastic.

So it should come as no surprise that when grown men mount the miniature cars and steer them down steep, rocky hills, (lots of) accidents ensue.

After what is described as “some nasty crashes and pile[s] of destroyed vehicles,” competitor Matt Myrick was crowned the Barbie Jeep Racer Champ — a title that holds little to no real-world value (unless Barbie Jeep racing becomes a legitimate sport).

Take a look at the unique (and seemingly painful) sport’s latest competition up top.