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He Always Clips A Clothespin To His Car’s AC Vent. The Reason Why Is Really Smart


Everyone loves those cool everyday tricks that are so simple, yet make life so much better!

Case in point is this amazingly useful trick where you take a clothespin and some essential oil, then using the HVAC system in your home, your car or wherever, you can create a pleasant aroma which completely fills the area you are in. Whether its vanilla, lavender, or evergreen, you can create a wonderful scent that can calm your nerves, lift your mood, and give you a good nights sleep.

Even if you are in your car, doing a road trip or just on your way to work, you can transform the driving experience into one that is pleasant and calming, amidst all the traffic and congestion you may face. You can use a combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary on a wooden clothespin. Just attach to your cars air vent and you are good to go! This combination is pretty cool as it can boost your brain while giving you a pick-me-up! Check out how to do this very cool trick which can transform moods.

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