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Elon Musk Wants to Replace Your Roof with Solar Shingles


At a launch event last Friday (Oct. 28, 2016), Elon Musk announced his unified vision for Tesla: fast cars, big batteries and solar roofs. Made from tempered glass, Musk unveiled four solar tiles including: Tuscan, Smooth, Textured, and Slate.

Musk was disappointingly sparse on costs and technical specs, but says the tiles will last more than double the life of regular shingles.

At the same event, Musk also announced the 2nd generation of Tesla home batteries, Powerwall 2. The new generation boasts double the capacity of the first battery. It’s also stackable, has a built-in inverter and can be installed indoor or outdoor. Musk claims it can power a four-bedroom house for a full day.

Back to the solar roofs: Musk says the tempered glass makes the solar tiles even stronger than the roofing materials they are imitating, including terra-cotta, clay and slate. During the event, Musk showed a video of a kettlebell dropping on each to drive his point home.

Below you can see video coverage of the entire launch event. For more information visit Tesla Energy.

Slate glass tile roof


Tuscan glass tile roof


Smooth glass tile roof


Textured glass tile roof


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