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Boston’s Mayor sticks foot in mouth, praises ‘KJ’ and ‘Hondo’


Boston mayor Thomas Menino is being heavily scrutinized by Boston fans and sports fans around the world today for referring to Celtics stars Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo as “KJ” and “Hondo.”

“There’s a lot of heart in this team, let me just tell you,” Menino told reporters, before adding, “KJ is great but Hondo is really the inspiration. Hondo drives that team.”

Who needs KG & Rondo when you have KJ & Hondo! #BostonMajor

— Zack Carreon (@MC_CurlyZ) June 7, 2012

"KJ and Hondo" sounds like it could be a Japanese themed crime show. #Celtics

— David Regimbal (@davidreg412) June 7, 2012

Boston mayor praises "KJ" and "Hondo" Are you kidding me!??!? #NBAPlayoffs

— Sapan Bajwa (@SapanBajwa) June 7, 2012

A day has gone by and I'm still reeling over Mayor Menino calling KG and Rondo "KJ" and "Hondo". Out loud. He's the Mayor of Boston, ya know

— Lamont Price (@LPizzle) June 7, 2012

The mayor of Boston is my new favorite person. KJ and Hondo are a close 2 and 3 though

— Luke Tribble (@ltribb3) June 7, 2012

How does the mayor of Boston not know who KG and Rondo is!?! He called them "KJ and Hondo" lol

— Korry W. Lee (@iKORRY06) June 7, 2012

Boston's mayor quote said…KJ and Hondo are INCREDIBLE athletes…in reference to Kevin Garnett and Rondo. Hahahahha. #seriouslydude

— sam hahn (@samjhahn2) June 7, 2012

If you live in Boston, I'm sorry… But your mayor is a dumbass. KJ and Hondo play for the C's, wow… #fail

— Sid Smith (@SidVicious927) June 7, 2012

Boston's mayor refers to KG and Rondo as "KJ and Hondo." "KJ and Hondo" could be a TNT cop show with Jimmy Smits and Scott Bakula.

— Jason Gay (@jasonWSJ) June 7, 2012

"The key to beating the Heat will be KJ and Hondo. And getting quality minutes out of Paul Revere and Ray Bradbury." Mayor Menino

— netw3rk (@netw3rk) June 7, 2012

Menino is my hero…."KJ is great but Hondo drives this team". Can't make this stuff up. Another classic

— Lou Merloni (@LouMerloni) June 7, 2012

In his defense, Mayor Menino is getting up there in age and he may have gotten a little confused. “KJ” was the nickname for former Phoenix Suns guard Kevin Johnson, who is currently the mayor of Sacramento. “Hondo” was the nickname of former Celtics legend John Havlicek.

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