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27-year-old actor Anton Yelchin of Star Trek fame crushed to death at own home


The popular new actor from the latest renditions of Star Trek Anton Yelchin has suddenly and tragically passed away at his San Fernando home in California at just 27-years-old. According to close friends and acquaintances he was sadly missed at a planned rehearsal in the early evening which prompted a friend to head over to the studio home at around 1am, and what he found was devastating.

Sometime after Anton had gotten into and turned on his car he put it in neutral, then without thinking about it got out for some reason or another and the car rolled back. With the weight of the car pushing him back towards a brick mailbox attached to a security gate and pinned him there, eventually putting enough pressure on the young actor until he died.

mangled gate and mailbox from the incident

It appears as if this is all some tragic accident (not to downplay the seriousness), and while authorities aren’t suspecting any foul play they are still investigating the matter.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, his iconic figure skating parents fled to America while he was still just a child and raised him in Los Angeles. He loved acting ever since he was a kid, and after some indie flicks he eventually landed a huge role in Alpha Dogs, and then again when Star Trek came out. It’s a sad day when we’re forced to face the reality of our own frailness, but we can only remember the things those that have passed have left behind. At this time the family is requesting privacy.

Here’s a clip of the late star from star trek, the movies will not be the same without him: