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25 Students You Might Remember From High School


High school is made up of many diverse students. Which one were you?

25. The Guy that Graduated 2 Years Ago, But Still Comes Back to Campus

Dude, I know it’s hard not being cool in college, but you’re not cool here anymore either.

24. The Future Ivy Leaguer

Is he smart? Doesn’t matter. His dad just financed the new library.

23. The Homecoming Queen

It’s always funny when the Homecoming King and Homecoming Queen brake up the week before the dance.

22. The Teacher’s Pet

There’s one in every class. Popular with the teachers. Alone every Saturday night.

21. The Lovable Goofball

He’s never going to cure cancer, but he makes biology a little more bearable.

20. The Future Politician

Already campaigning by getting your vote for student council. “If I’m elected, we will have no more school on Fridays, and smoothie machines in every classroom.”

19. The Gamer

Don’t need a date when you’ve got an X-Box.

18. The Paranoid Kid

He’s just trying to stay one step ahead of the government… and commonsense.

17. The Guy Who Doesn’t Go To Your School Yet Everybody Somehow Knows Him

Seriously, who is this guy? How can you be popular in two schools?

16. The Cheerleader

A party ain’t a party until she walks in and ignores you.

15. The Girl Who is Always Crying

She’s a walking Lifetime movie.

14. The Student Who Smells Like a Dog

Every day.

13. The One Who Has a Band That Never Plays Anywhere

The talent show counts as a gig, right?

12. The Partier

It’s not even college yet. You need to slow down, Lohan.

11. The Kid Who Always Hits You Up For Money

Whether it’s lunch money or gas money, he’s just preparing for a lifetime of peddling on the streets.

10. The Girl Who Has Way Too Nice of a Car for a 16-Year-Old

Start her early on a life full of privilege and self-entitlement.

9. The Stoner

Frequently seen napping in home room and not showing up to home room.

8. The Goth Kid

These kids are like cockroaches. Every school has them but no one knows how to get rid of them all.

7. The Kid Who Is Way Too Into Drama

Always looking for the next chance to bring Shakespearean English into everyday conversations. Life is best spoken in King James Version.

6. The One Who Was Your Friend The Year Before But Now Doesn’t Know You

Remember how you were great friends in middle school? They don’t.

5. The One You Love But Are Too Afraid To Tell

Oh gosh. There he goes. Right by you in the hall. But you can’t bring yourself to ever say anything about it so you live with an emotional ulcer until graduation.

4. The One Who Copies Off of Your Paper

Sure to get you in trouble by having the same answers as you.

3. The Kid That Asks Too Many Questions

Always willing to ask questions at the expense of the entire class having to stay late. He just wants to be thorough and overly prepared. Straight-A’s and also Type A.

2. The Studious Student

Always the first to be done with an assignment. Always the last one chosen for dodge ball.

1. The Jock

Popular on the field and off the field. Not the best participant for study groups, though.

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