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25 Small Inventions That Have Made A Huge Difference


There have been numerous inventions that have made the lives of humans a lot easier. Radio, television, the smart phone, the Internet and the car you drive are only a few of these inventions. However, did you know that there are those really small inventions that have made a huge impact on the way you live your life? What may those be, you might ask? Well, simply read on and you are going to find out 25 small inventions that have made a huge difference.

25. The Zipper Without this invention, the pants you’re wearing won’t be so fly. Get it? Get it?

24. Safety Matches These light up candles, cigars, candles and lamps, among others, and 500 billion matches sold worldwide per year get made.

23. Band-aid When you get a small cut, for example, one of the usual things that you look for is a band-aid, even if it’s just temporary. Well, this “temporary” wound dressing has sold more than 100 billion to date.

22. Wire Gauze If a band aid is not enough, then this would definitely suffice. Cuts, burns and any other wound wouldn’t be much of a problem thanks to this thing.

21. Velcro From the French words velour(velvet) and crochet(hook), the “locking tape” has since been sold in the millions. It even went to outer space.

20. Vaseline One of the most versatile products to be invented, wherein it’s uses are only limited by your imagination. Not bad for something that started as a waste product of the petroleum industry.

19. Cotton Buds They help clean ears and wounds. Can you imagine cleaning your ears with anything else?

18. The Safety Pin Walter Hunt, who owed his friend $15 back in 1849, sat down and twisted one piece of brass wire into an odd shape. He got it patented and thus this small invention was introduced to the world.

17. Ball Bearings Without these little things, the industrial revolution wouldn’t have gotten very far.

16. Nails These have been around for quite some time, but they were made by blacksmiths by hand, meaning they were both expensive as well as time-consuming. They were so valuable that at one time, decrepit buildings were burned down just to recover the nails.

15. The Fireplace and Chimney Before these were invented, fires burned in the middle of large common rooms that had holes in their roofs in order to let the smoke go out.

14. Clock Hands You may wonder what good clocks are sans the hands that indicate the hours and the minutes.

13. The Buttonhole Originally, clothes were held together through belting, tucking and tying, among others. Buttons used to be decorative, used for tying or with loops until somebody had the idea to make the buttonhole.

12. The Can and Can Opener The can was invented first before the can opener, so you can just imagine how people opened their canned food. With the invention of the can opener though, eating canned food became a lot easier.

11. The Thermos You have this to thank for keeping your warm drinks warm and your cold drinks cold.

10. The Flip Top Lid It’s obviously more convenient than your conventional lid because with it, you don’t need to separate the lid from the container. For example, it makes pouring shampoo into your hand a lot easier.

9. The Remote Gone are the days when people still needed to get near the TV just so they could switch channels or turn it on or off, thanks to this invention. Today, remotes aren’t just limited to TVs since stereo systems use them as well, just to name one.

8. The Battery Who knew that this little thing could do so much? Without one, your car won’t run and without one, your phone won’t charge, among others.

7. Knives These cutting implements certainly make preparing as well as dining on food a lot easier. Aside from that, the proper one can help open boxes and cut wire, just to name two.

6. The Calculator This little guy made a lot of that math homework a lot easier and that’ just only one use. You could also use it for computing your bills, the groceries, etc.

5. The Razor This simple invention has made having to shave a task that’s a lot easier to do.

4. String Chances are, you’re wearing a shirt that’s made from various(and numerous) strings. If this was never invented, you wouldn’t have anything to wear.

3. The Hearing Aid This little thing helped a lot of people who’ve had hearing difficulties listen to their surroundings and especially their loved ones.

2. Napkins These are used in a variety of ways. You can use them to clean or temporarily wrap something up, for example.

1. Footwear The simple of task of protecting your feet makes this invention belong in this list.