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25 Most Outrageous Feats Done With The Human Body


Most records are pretty boring and effortless like the shortest person, oldest people or the longest legs. Nevertheless, some records require more talent, preparation and determination to pull off. Sometimes it even requires some level of oddity and bizarreness just to be able to put oneself in the Guinness Book of World Records. In appreciation of the people who have transcended body limits and accomplished equally great and unusual things, here are the top 25 most outrageous feats done with the human body.

25. An Arctic Marathon

Wim Hof, sometimes known as the Ice Man, is famous for running a marathon in the arctic at minus 29 degrees Celsius without a shirt on.

24. Getting Pierced

In just under 8 hours Kam Ma broke the world record for most piercings in a single session when he had 1,015 metal rings inserted all over his body.

23. Lifting SUVs

In 2008, a Florida firefighter named Chris Hickman got the world’s attention when he lifted a Chevy Trailblazer off of its trapped passenger with his bare hands and saved the day.

22. Balancing Spoons

In 2011, Etibar Elchiyev broke the world record for “most spoons balanced on a human body” when he managed to secure 50 of them around his neck and chest.

21. Balancing Cars

John Evans, who goes by the title of “professional head balancer”, was able to balance a 159-kilogram (352-pound) mini cooper on his head for 33 seconds without the use of hands.

20. Pulling Airplanes With Wheelchairs

On May 29th, 2011 84 people in wheelchairs pulled a 67 ton C-130 for 100 meters.

19. Super Grandma

At the age of 76, Sakinat Khanapiyeva is supposedly the strongest grandma in the world. You can watch her as she breaks horseshoes, twists steel rods, and lifts 50 pound dumbells. She says she discovered her strength when at 10 years old, she moved a 299-kg barrel of grain.

18. 50 Marathons, 50 Days, 50 States

Talk about overcoming endurance limits…in 2006 Dean Karnazes of Los Angeles was able to break records by running in 50 marathons in 50 states for 50 days.

17. Pulling A Helicopter With Your Ear

Lasha Pataraia set the world record for pulling a 7,734-kilogram military helicopter all by himself just by using his left ear. A former wrestling champion, he pulled the chopper for 20 astounding seconds.

16. The Human Lightning Rod

Also known as the ‘Human lightning conductor’, Cleveland Sullivan was able to survive not one, not two, but seven lightning strikes between the ages of 30 and 65.

15. The ‘Fartiste’

Joseph Pujol, a French stage performer, possessed extraordinary control of not only his farts but also his sphincter muscles which allowed him to imitate cannon fire, animal sounds, and musical instruments.

14. Breaking Chains

Pierre Gasnier was often called the French Hercules because of his ability to lift a dumbbell twice his weight, rip a deck of cards in half at once and break an iron chain tied over his chest through expanding his rib cage.

13. Cannonball Catcher

Also called the ‘Cannonball king’, John Holtum could catch heavy cannonballs fired at him by his assistant. Unfortunately he also lost some fingers in the process.

12. Amazing fingers

Bobby Badfingers was able to establish himself in the entertainment business and in the Book of Guinness World Records for his ability to snap his fingers at a rate of 30 snaps per second!

11. Unconventional Balloon-popping

Julia Gunthel, a contortionist, set the world record for the fastest time to burst three balloons using her back; a feat she accomplished in 12 seconds by bending backwards and putting the balloon between her back and back thigh.

10. Tattoos Everywhere

With 95% of her body covered in tattoos, Julia Gnuse holds the world record. Her obsession started when she got a tattoo to hide the scars from her skin condition, Poryphyria.

9. A Huge Mouth

In 2009, Simon Elmore from Germany set the world record for the most straws stuffed in a person’s mouth. He was able to put 400 bendy straws in his mouth and hold them there for 10 seconds.

8. The Spiderman

Dubbed the ‘human spider’, Alain Robert proved that a person could climb the tallest skyscrapers without using ropes or any climbing equipment. Some of his accomplishments include the Eiffel tower, the Sydney Opera House and the Sears Tower.

7. Underwater Adventure

Tim Yarrow holds the record for longest time submerged in water after spending 10 days in a tank in a South African mall. He obviously had special provisions made for food, oxygen, and excretions.

6. Iron Tongue

Thomas Blackthorne set the record for most weight lifted by a human tongue when he picked up a 12 kg weight that was attached to a hook in his mouth.

5. Sword-swallower

Swallowing 18 swords at one time, it took Chayne Hultgren 15 years to work up to breaking the record.

4. Mole Man

William Lyttle of London managed to single-handedly dig one of the craziest complexes of suburban tunnels in the world until he was stopped by British authorities.

3. Eye Popping

Literally, the most eye-popping woman in the world; Kim Goodman set a bizarre world record in 2007 with her ability to pop her eyeballs out of her eye sockets up to 12 millimeters.

2. Needles in the Head

Mohanathas Sivanayagam broke this painful record by sticking 2,025 needles into his head. The needles were inserted at least 1.5 centimetres deep to keep them from falling.

1. Milk-Squirter

In 2004, Ilker Yilmaz achieved the farthest milk squirt from an eye when he squirted milk at a distance of 9 feet, 2 inches. He did this by pouring milk in his hand, snorting it up his nose, and then squirting it out of his eye socket.