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25 Most Awesome James Bond Gadgets Ever Conceived


Gadgets have played indispensable roles in the movies of the famous James Bond and have been instrumental in the success of his missions. Because of their constant presence in the 007 movies, these gadgets are now often associated to the actor as well as to the characters that he portrayed in the past. Here is a list of the 25 most awesome James Bond gadgets ever conceived.

25. Geiger Counter

InThunderballJames Bond’s famous wristwatch allows him to determine the radiation levels of his surroundings by checking one of the hands. The Breitling watch was picked up for £25 but is now to be sold by Christie’s in London with an estimated price range of £40,000 to £60,000.

24. Voice Changer

InDiamonds are Forever, James Bond used his voice changer not just as a spy but to avoid having to take calls from people he doesn’t want to talk to.

23. X-Ray Glasses

Although every kid who ever watched Superman wished they had x-ray vision it wasn’t until 1999 in the movieThe World Is Not Enoughthat James Bond finally came out with his super fly x-ray shades.

22. Tape Recorder Camera

Although these days having a multi purpose gadget isn’t really that cool anymore what with everyone having an iphone in their pocket, inFrom Russia With Love(1963) it was one of the coolest things ever.

21. X-Ray Polaroid

Before the x-ray wristwatch their was the x-ray polaroid camera inLicense to Kill(1989). It seems that seeing through matter is a critical ability for distinguished British spies.

20. Clothing Brush Communicator

Appropriately concealed as a lint brush, no one would suspect the fact that it basically functioned as Bond’s telephone.

19. Yo-Yo Saw

Basically a circular blade attached to a string, James Bond used a yo-yo saw inOctopussyto kill the MI6 agent named Vijay.

18. Radioactive Lint

Although never actually used by Bond (in fact it was actually 007 who was tracked with the device), the lint tracker is an ingenious idea. It only activates when placed somewhere on a person’s body, like in their pocket and even if they find it they’ll just throw it away thinking it’s nothing more than a piece of lint.

17. Dentonite Toothpaste

If you see James Bond rolling around with something as unassuming as a toothpaste bottle you can bet your money it will do something crazy…like explode.

16. Money Bomb

Bond’s enemies like money and Bond likes blowing up his enemies…enter the money bomb.

15. Glass-Shattering Ring

In his movieDie Another Day, James Bond used a glass-shattering ring to break even bullet-proof windows. It’s basically an ultra-high frequency sonic agitator ring around his finger that he activated with a clockwise twist.

14. Dagger Shoe

The dagger shoes that James Bond used in his movieFrom Russia with Lovewere retractable and had poison-tipped blades in their toe caps. In the movie, it was shown that the tetrodotoxin poison in the toe caps was capable of killing anybody within just a span of seven seconds.

13. Piton Gun

Although there have been a good number of James Bond gadgets that had grappling capabilities, the most popular was probably the piton gun used inGolden Eye.In addition to its ability to fire a grappling hook, it also had a built-in laser-cutter. With this, Bond could get over and through nearly any and every obstacle

12. Ghetto Blaster

While never used by James Bond, we see this gadget being tested in Q-Branch for the Americans. The aptly named “Ghetto Blaster” is basically a boombox that can fire a rocket.

11. Car Phone

One of the few Bond gadgets that actually made its way into the lives of everyday civilians, it would still be about 2 decades after their initial appearance in a Bond movie before car phones became popular in real life.

10. TV Watch

Able to receive video transmissions wirelessly this was another gadget that was ahead of its time by about 3 decades.

9. Deadly Briefcase

The attache briefcase that James Bond used in his movieFrom Russia with Lovewas his first-ever real film gadget. The one that the Q-branch gave him had a sniper rifle inside as well as compartments containing a knife and other weapons. No surprise about the name…

8. Multipurpose Mobile Phone

InTomorrow Never DiesJames Bond used an Ericsson mobile phone that served numerous purposes. It had a fingerprint scanner, a key replicator as well as controls for the defense system of his car. It is believed that the original phone used in the movie was the design from which the Ericsson R380 was based.

7. Cigarette Darts

The cigarette darts that James Bond used inYou Only Live Twicewere able to accurately shoot a target from as far as 30 yards away. And we though cigarettes only cause lung cancer.

6. Garrote Watch

Before 007’s watches all became multipurpose killing machines, Red Grant, an early Bond villain, tried to kill bond with a specially equipped watch that allowed you to whip out a retractable wire. Unfortunately for Red, Bond was better at using his watch than he was.

5. Bowler Hat

The bowler hat that James Bond used inGoldfingerhad a razor-sharp steel rim. It was intended to serve as a throwing weapon for Bond whenever opponents were in sight. In fact, in the movie the hat was so strong that it was capable of slicing stone and metal when thrown.

4. Sleeping Man

James Bond used an experimental weapon which he called “the sleeping man” in the movieMoonraker. This weapon was developed by the Q branch and was basically a machine gun turret that was disguised as a sleeping man. Once the device is activated, the sleeping man is cut into halves, the body is torn apart and a turret is revealed from the inside.

3. Rolex Watch

Although Bond’s watch inNever Say Never Againfeatured a laser cutter, it wasn’t untilLive and Let Diethat it got a serious upgrade. Able to deflect bullets thanks to a powerful electromagnet, it came with a powerful saw that once helped Bond escape from a shark tank.

2. Ski Pole Gun

Bond used a 30-calibre ski pole rifle to shoot people inThe Spy Who Loved Me. It had a four shot clip in its handle and had a twistable top which when rotated, would reveal the trigger.

1. Rocket Pack

Used by 007 inThunder Ballthis jet packwas a low-power propulsion device that allowed him to leap or travel small distances safely. In the movie, the rocket pack had its major exposure when James Bond made a hasty escape after an assassination.

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