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25 Dumbest And Most Dangerous Games You Played As A Kid


Everyone had their regrettable moments when they were younger. These are the 25 dumbest and most dangerous games you played as a kid.

25. Bloody Knuckles

This one’s a classic and the name seems to describe the outcome perfectly.

24. Mercy

Here’s another classic game that was played by pimply teenagers all over the world. Two players grasped each others hands and tried to twist the other person into submission.

23. Suicide Game

This one was pretty basic. Whoever could jump of the highest surface won.

22. Bloody knuckles with a coin

As you can see these games don’t require much thought. It’s bloody knuckles except players slid a coin at there knuckles from across the lunch room table.

21. Hillsborough

Named after the regrettable incident known as the Hillsborough disaster where a number of people were crushed to death in a stadium stampede, this game consisted of a group of people smashing up against the wall. Those closest to the wall had to avoid being crushed.

20. Superman

Here’s one that wasn’t as dangerous as it was dumb. One person lay in the street while the others pretended to beat him up as cars drove by.

19. Chicken

Probably originating in some far corner of Russia, this game involved throwing a knife between your feet. Wherever it stuck was where you had to slide your foot to, thus decreasing the distance.

18. The can

Everyone took turns punching a can until it turned into a razor sharp menace. The first person to chicken out lost.

17. Slaps

It was basically bloody knuckles except with open hands.

16. Red rover

Two rows of kids locked arms as one kid from the opposite team would rush the line and try to break through while being kicked and punched.

15. Crash

All it took was a hill and a shopping cart. Everyone would pile into the cart and gravity would do the rest.

14. Shuffle

Played up north during winter, a large group of friends would stand out into the middle of a frozen lake and try to kick each others legs out. Bonus points for dunking people.

13. Bull rush

This was probably the fastest way to get expelled, but basically whenever you saw each other in the school hallways you would try to dish out some surprise tackles.

12. Roof tag

The name says it all. It was just tag…except you were on the roof.

11. Tray surfing

To do this you would need a car and a restaurant tray. One person would drive the car and the other would grab the passenger side door while standing on the tray and surfing down the street.

10. Dain-Bramage

Another game of submission, foolhardy teenagers would take turns knocking each other in the head with text books.

9. Ant pile

Whoever could keep their hand in the ant pile the longest was the winner.

8. King of the hill

One player was the king and it was everyone else’s job to get him off the hill. Whoever was successful became the next king. Although this game has been played many ways with flags, balls, and other props, the most immature way to play was with nothing except your bare hands.

7. Garage slide

Everyone took turns rushing a closing garage door trying to slide under. The distance was gradually increased until someone didn’t make it.

6. Kerplunk

This genius game involved everyone throwing a large stick up into a tree simultaneously and then trying to avoid them on the way down.

5. Car tag

To win at this you had to hide behind parked cars in the street and then try to jump out and successfully tag the back bumper of cars as they drove by.

4. Crazy canpit

Here’s a game your doctor probably wouldn’t have recommended. Everyone stood around a fire and threw in random cans. Of course, some substances are less agreeable with heat than others.

3. Crippler

In this game, everyone starts in the swimming pool for the exception of one person (the “crippler”). the “Crippler” would then run around the outside of the pool and try to jump on people in a damage inflicting manner. Whoever he managed to catch would become the next crippler.

2. Jarts

Also known as lawn darts this game has been long banned in the United States and Canada. Although it’s basically darts except on a much larger scale, people actually killed each other with these things.

1. Get down Mr President

With reports that this game was even being played in some graduate universities, it would start when one person in a group put there hand up to their ear like a secret service agent. The others in the group would follow until only one person was left without their hands in their ear. Everyone would then yell “Get down Mr President!” and tackle them to the ground.